Fantasy Festival is an annual cultural event held in Athens, Greece, in early Autumn. The festival celebrates the speculative fiction genre and its main derivatives, including fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Our goal is to create a modern and dynamic festival that promotes the wider culture of the fiction genre through literature, music, dance, theatre, crafts, games, and visual arts. The festival also provides a platform for companies, professionals, and amateurs from Greece and abroad who are active in this area to present their creations, products, and services.

We aim to bring together people who share a love for fantasy, including books, comics, board games, video games, and other related hobbies, in one place where they can be informed and entertained by watching and participating in a multitude of activities.

Our vision is to offer a differentiated, interactive, and unique experience. We seek to promote culture, education, and environmental awareness while upholding freedom of expression through creative expression. Join us in celebrating the fantastic and imaginative world of speculative fiction!

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