Dear friends and associates

It is with great pleasure that we present to you "FANTASY FESTIVAL 2K20!

FANTASY FESTIVAL 2K20 is a new 2-day cultural festival celebrating the Fantasy genre, taking place on October, 03 & 04, 2020 at the Hellenic American Union, 22 Massalias Str., Athens.

Our goal is to design, produce and establish a modern and dynamic festival that:

- Popularizes Fantasy culture through the arts of literature, music, dance, theater, crafts, games, and the visual arts.

- Showcases active businesses and companies as well as independent professionals and amateur artists from Greece and abroad, giving them the means and opportunity to present their creations, products and services to a broader audience.

Attracts and gathers all the people who love Fantasy and its deriving arts and hobbies – from simple fans, bookworms and comic geeks, to board & videogame addicts and flick fanatics – in one place, where they can socialize, catch on the news and latest developments and entertain themselves by attending music performances, speeches and presentations, and participate in several interactive events and contests.

Our vision is to offer a differentiated, interactive and unique experience – A festival that promotes culture, education and environmental awareness and will uphold freedom of expression through creation!

FANTASY FESTIVAL 2K20 is organized by Rιsing Star Promotions (RSP) and the Hellenic Fantasy Legion (HFL) in cooperation with the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American College (HAEC).




"Back when we were kids, we used to seek shelter in dark castles and enchanted forests, to wander through dystopian deserts and travel to ethereal and distant planets… Raising our lightsabers and bows we threw ourselves into battle, alongside mighty knights and deviant wizards, fighting against massive armies, dragons and mechanical beasts in order to protect princesses and save entire kingdoms and galaxies from total annihilation! And when the quest was over and we found ourselves back into our rooms, a yearning feeling still arose, an inexplicable bounding sense of duty pushing us to return back ... and travel once again with the power of our imagination beyond the narrow limits imposed by reality and the notions of space and time. No reality can ever overpower our imagination!

 Many years have passed, and the journey still continues, heaving in us the same fierce excitement! And so, we shall keep travelling, visiting all these imaginary places and realms, because we owe it to our younger selves and the kids we once were, to do so – a promise we must never fail to keep! Every end marks a new beginning and through the ashes of the old there is always something new created ... The descent of EVERLY has begun, she brings the heavens down, marking the dawn of a new age and the birth of "FANTASY FESTIVAL".FANTASY FESTIVAL».

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