Chronicles of Altemyra

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“Every story has a beginning. Every world has its myths. Travel with us through the rocky tops of the Tear Mountains, the ice valleys of Ohtrigad, the forgotten island of Dragunas, and the glorious city of Maligor as we meet Benissof the Cursed, Brena the Dragon Bride, and the ill-fated Kings of Sunburst. This is the very heart of the Chronicles of Altemyra anthology.”

Τα Χρονικά της Αλτεμύρας είναι μια ανθολογία επικής φαντασίας που ακολουθεί διαφορετικά είδη αφήγησης όπως τευχακια βιβλίων, εικονογραφίσεις και γραφικές νουβέλες.

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