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Gondor’s Battalions is a non-profit organization and group of friends, crafters, artisans and artists, passionate about fantasy and medieval times. The first gathering took place in 2013 where the decision was made to create the group. The group is mainly inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle Earth Universe and especially in the realms of Men, while team members are inspired by other fantasy or medieval motifs.

The group’s goals are: Promote fantasy culture and popularize it to a larger target audience. Have fun and create unique objects, art of every kind that imagination reveals to us and to make new friends all over the world. Our team members produce items such as jewelry, armor, and other creations from metal, wood, or linen, either for decorative purposes or for use. Part of our goal is to build a photo gallery, full of photos that represent famous works of fantasy authors, as well as produce video clips or films and plays dedicated to these works.Finally, our goal is to enrich the items produced by us with fine aesthetics and style.

Gondor’sBattalions are involved in the organization of various thematic festivals happening in Greece. We are contributors to the FF2K – Fantasy Festival that takes place in Athens as well as other Medieval Festivals. At regular intervals we hold our own events such as Yule Parties LARP or Fantasy Parties. Battle of the Realms is our big tournament that was first held at Gameathlon Winter 2020 and the battle is still raging to this day.In recent years the orders of Gondor have been active in reenactment, showcasing medieval motifs and the way of life of the Middle Ages. We want to achieve a contact between the medieval era and today’s reality. Better understanding of history

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